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Big news, everyone! Oddlygood is thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with the one and only Käärijä, the sensation who took the world by storm in May 2023! 🌎

Käärijä captured hearts with his electrifying performance in Liverpool earlier this year, showcasing his signature Cha Cha Cha style. Today, we are overjoyed to welcome him to the Oddlygood family as our brand ambassador!

Why is this collaboration oddly good? Well, it’s all about embracing a plant-based lifestyle with style and enthusiasm. Käärijä’s unique energy perfectly aligns with Oddlygood’s mission to celebrate individuality and inspire others to tread their own paths ☘️

In Käärijä’s own words: “Plant-based products are a staple in my kitchen. Since the launch of Oddlygood Barista Oat Drink, I’ve been an absolute fan! I’m grateful and flattered that Oddlygood wants to partner up with me. Let’s inspire more people to explore the world of plant-based goodness!”. Get ready for a collaboration that’s going to shake up the plant-based world like never before! Follow us and Käärijä to stay updated on all the exciting developments coming your way. Let’s make plant-based living more charming than ever! 🕺

Photographer: Janita Autio