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Curious about our delicious products?

We offer a wide and growing range of plant-based products so good, that they leave you craving for more. Barista oat drinks are available in a whole parade of yummy flavours. We also have a tasty range of other drinks as well as plant-based gurts, desserts and cooking products. And if you share the love for good pizza, toasts and sandwiches, don’t forget our cheese alternatives! All our products are non-dairy and gluten-free, crafted to delight every taste bud. Join us in celebrating a world where delicious meets daring!


Oddlygood® Barista oat drinks are carefully crafted to all true coffee lovers with professional baristas. They are simply the best way to elevate your coffee moments. They work great also in cooking, porridges and smoothies!

The Barista drinks come in plain, low fat and flavoured versions and in different sizes. Whether you’re a fan of classic flavours, eager to experiment with seasonal tastes, or looking to surprise your palate with our unexpectedly delicious flavors, we’ve got you covered! All Oddlygood® Baristas are 100 % plant-based and gluten-free. Enjoy steamed, foamed, warmed, or cold – however you like your coffee.

more taste, less waste

Oddlygood® Barista’s special production process ensures that oat flour is utilized to its full potential and nothing good goes to waste. When processing the out flour, nothing is filtered out, which means that the oat waste gets minimized in our factories. The outcome? Award-winning taste*, slightly thicker, velvety smoothness that captures everything you wish for. Oddlygood® Barista is carefully crafted together with professional baristas to ensure the best foam, blend and smoothness.

*Oddlygood® Barista shines bright with 2 Stars in Great Taste awards 2023 and as the best plant-based drink in UK Product of the Year Awards 2024.

Plant-Based DRINKS

Our range of yummy plant-based drinks has an option for every taste bud and occasion. Each drink has their own characteristics. Choose oats, almonds, or soy. You can’t go wrong! Plus, all our drinks are 100 % gluten-free.

Drink, cook, bake. These drinks work like a charm, and they are ready for your kitchen ideas: refreshing drinks taste great on their own but work just as well in smoothies, pancakes or porridges. With these drinks your imagination is the key ingredient!

ice coffees

Chill out with Oddlygood® Ice Ice Coffees – the frosty favourites that are both gluten-free and vegan! This blend of rich coffee and creamy oat drink is an irresistibly cool combination.

Pour yourself a cold one from our generous one-liter pack. Our ice coffee drinks are perfect for sipping solo or sharing with friends. Just add ice and you’re all set for a refreshingly perfect coffee break!


Our plant-based cheese-style shreds, slices and blocks are perfect for anyone who loves cheezy delicacies but prefer them non-dairy. All our cheese-style products have great taste with superior melting qualities.

Sprinkle our shreds on pizzas, toasts, quesadillas, nachos, or your favorite mac & cheese ‒ they melt beautifully every time. Our slices are your go-to option for breakfast rolls, burgers and for those quick midnight snacks. And our versatile blocks? Grate, slice, or dice them to suit any dish! All options are vegan and gluten-free.

cooking & baking products

We’ve teamed up with top chefs to ensure our products surpass your highest culinary standards, making plant-based cooking and baking so much easier and yummier – and deliciously delightful!

Our lineup includes essentials like cooking oats and a plant-based cream perfect for whipping. Transform your kitchen into a playground for effortless, mouth-watering plant-based creations!

P.S. Get creative and use our luscious Dreamy Desserts to whip up divine cheese cakes, brownies and desserts.

Plant-based Gurts

Craving a creamy yogurt-style treat but prefer it non-dairy and gluten-free? Look no further! Dive into our delicious lineup of gurts, Greek Style treats, and high-protein plant-powered snacks.

Each option bursts with a rainbow of flavors and boasts a delightfully creamy texture. Our gurts are freshly fermented, packed with live vegan cultures, and brimming with vitamins and minerals – perfect for a nutritious snack or a quick breakfast boost.

Enjoy them straight from the cup, or top them off with fresh fruit and granola for an extra crunch. Delicious, nutritious, and utterly satisfying!

PLANT-BASED desserts

Oddlygood® Dreamy Desserts blend irresistible flavors with dreamy smoothness. These ready-to-treat desserts are 100% plant-based and gluten-free – suitable for vegans, flexitarians or basically anyone hungry for something ridiculously good.

Enjoy as a dessert or a delightful snack or dress them up with fruits and nuts for an extra special touch. Our Dreamy Desserts are also the secret star in vegan cheesecakes and all your baking adventures.

want to know more?

Oddlygood® is a global brand, proud of our Nordic roots and quality, creating a wide range of great-tasting plant-based products available in supermarkets, stores, and cafes around the world.

If you have any questions, don’t be shy to contact our sales team. We’d love to tell you more about our amazing goodies and come to a market near you!