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Our Story


Plant-based and great taste. No excuses, no compromises. Tasty food fills our hearts and blows our minds. Through the history of time, we have chosen munchy over dreary to stay happy and alive. But now food needs to be both tasty and good for the planet. Luckily that’s easier than ever.

Since 2018, Oddlygood has been crafting plant-based goodies as a spin-off from Valio, the leading dairy company in Finland. The Nordic-based company is now a global brand with a wide plant-based product range from oat drinks and alternatives to cheese, yogurts and desserts.

Why Oddlygood®? Well, in the end, we are all a bit odd. And it’s all good. Join us in celebrating the odd, quirky, tasty moments of life.

Our Plant-Based Goodies

The Oddlygood® product family is filled with plant-based delights: from drinks and gurts to desserts, cheese alternatives, and cooking & baking essentials. They are the taste revolutionaries you’ve been craving.

All our products are non-dairy and gluten-free, crafted to delight every taste bud. Join us in celebrating a world where delicious meets daring!